• Web based installation

    Wallpaperscript is easy to install and the install wizard runs from your web browser. It automatically create your MySQL database tables and set up your site in simple steps.

  • ADVANCED Bulk upload

    The Bulk Upload feature enables the user to upload a bulk of files to his site in one operation. You can populate a site with wallpapers, in no time. If you have a folder then that folder is transformed into a category and all the wallpapers inside that folder are put inside the respective category. A sub-folder is treated as a sub-category. Easily populate your site with our wallpaper packs.

  • URL upload

    This is an alternative way to upload wallpapers. You can upload them from different sites just by using the direct link for that wallpaper.

  • Contact page

    Receive feedback in time from visitors. Even if a contact page is not a big deal, well... this is not true: IT IS. Any error and suggestion is important and trust us that when your site has a problem if you observe and correct it in time then you are lucky. From our experience messages from users are very important to keep contact with reality and improve yourself.

  • Unlimited Categories and Subcategories

    As webmaster you can manage unlimited categories and subcategories the way you like. This is a simple action using an intuitive admin panel. Most of the sites have only 2 levels but our script has no such limit.

  • Ajax drag and drop friends management

    Managing friends has never been easier. You can position your friends by dragging and dropping them in the place you want. In this way most important site that you have as partners will rank better in your list and will get more visitors from your site.

  • Authors management

    From our experience there was always a problem with copyright. It happened before to find great wallpapers uploaded by users that only liked them but were not their authors. People complained because of that and we had to remove or update those wallpapers manually with correct credentials. With Wallpaperscript this task become an easier process. You simply add an author in seconds and this helps you credit correctly the creator of wallpaper uploaded.

  • User management

    Users management is maybe the most important process. You have an easy way to filter your users and reject abusive ones and help your real users have the feeling they belong to a proper space where bad words and habits are not accepted.

  • Support for templates & theme editor

    You can use the default skin as a base to create your own fully customized skin. Include your own colors and fonts by editing the stylesheet, as well as your own images. We offered you the possibility to creat your own unique identity and people will not say your site is just another wallpaper script site.

  • Automatic resize

    If your server has PHP's GD image library installed (most web servers do), then uploaded wallpapers will automatically be resized for three views: thumbnail, medium view and large view along with other resolutions dependeing wallpaper size. This helps to make your gallery load faster by showing smaller images where required.

  • Captcha image security

    At our customers request we added also captcha security to wallpaper script. Now our spam protection is better and chances for spammers to arrive on your script are very low.

  • Multilanguage support

    You can translate your script in any language very easy. So if you are thinking to make a version for your country things never been easier than now.

  • Google sitemap generator

    With latest script version we thought that SEO optimization is also important. Also your time is very important too so now you do not have to do this manually anymore.

  • Custom Wallpaper Watermarks

    If you want to place your site text on your wallpapers or your logo then we offer you a nice tool in admin to do that. In this way watermarking wallpapers will bring you more visitors and will be able to track your own wallpaper on other sites.

  • Sponsors management

    Sponsors section will help you manage links bought on your site very easily.

  • Friends management

    Link exchange is not a problem anymore. You have the possibility to make this with a few clicks.

  • Comments management

    Nowadays when spam is a problem and when more and more sites are attacked by malicious messages we offer a way to filter good content from bad one and display to users only whats important and your site to have a professional state.

  • Plugins/modules management

    This section is very important mostly for developers. Since our script is 99% open source people with php skills are able to create custom plugins that can be shared with others. In this way in time if you want to add more features to your site you will be able to do that without paying for custom work but for simply checking available plugins and install the ones you like most.

  • Flexible site structure

    We try to make a difference in wallpapers market. This is why we believe that not all sites should look the same. Some people prefer different organization for different modules. Now you can move them from one side to the other and also change order of appearance for them.

  • Social networks support

    Social networks play a big part in web today. This is why we are prepared to offer you support for easily linking on most important social networks at this time.