• Time saving search feature

    Search for wallpapers by title or tags. Wallpaperscript has simple yet powerful search capabilities that makes finding photos painless.

  • User registration

    Many wallpaper sites are own made by their owners. It is like a self management task and only webmaster uploads wallpapers. First time when we started with our own wallpaper site there were no users and wallpapers were uploaded only by us. This proved to be not such a happy solution because many people wanted to post wallpapers on our site and they had no possibility to do this. Things are changed now and everyone can post their wallpapers and webmaster can approve them or not.

  • Member section

    This is an important feature. Users are not only capable to upload their wallpapers but also manage their account. They have multiple options and in this way they own their own place on your site and have their own identity. In this way they will create their own managed zone.

  • Support for categories and subcategories

    Managing your wallpapers is an important action. Now you can have them organized in categories and subcategories and the possibility to focus on content better then before.

  • Password reminder

    This is a simple feature but pretty important. Users have now possibility to recover their password and in this way they will become active again on your site.

  • Web2.0 look & feel

    Enough with bad design techniques. We offer you a slick design tableless and very professional. Enough with bad colors and styles that make people leave from your site in the very second they visited it.

  • Ajax star rating

    Rating wallpapers is important for everyone. Poeple can see best wallpapers and also rate wallpapers they like. In this way you have a measure about how nice or ugly are your wallpapers and help you improve your site quality.

  • Comments

    Both registered users and casual visitors can post comments to your wallpaper gallery. Statistics show that a lot of people don't want to register to post a comment, so registration is optional - this encourages more comments.

  • Multiple resolutions support

    We help you and users to choose from different screen resolutions for wallpapers. In this way both parts get best from it: by downloading needed size people get best wallpaper for their desktop. They will have best quality and stretched wallpaper time is finished. Your server will have better traffic management because people will download exact resolution they want. You will not need to send each time the biggest wallpaper size if it is not needed so your site will load faster.

  • Bread crumb navigation

    You can very easy see on what page you are and move back. Also This internal system helps from SEO reasons to have more internal links into your site.

  • Statistics

    At our client request we created a nice statistics module where people can see some important facts like: total wallpapers, total categories, number of users and comments.

  • Online users

    We created a section to show online users statistics. Now you can see total number of online users, how many unregitered users are online, how many registered and also bots numbers.

  • Latest category updates

    Now you can see latest updates for wallpapers by category.

  • Top votes

    With this module you can browse best wallpapers voted by other people.